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  • Launching the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence

    I’m delighted to share some news with you of a new initiative and partnership I’ve been working on.

    I’m teaming up with leading people-first transformation company Curium Solutions Curium Solutions US to establish the world’s first Center of Excellence (CoE) in Work Time Reduction, which we are planning to formally launch in the coming weeks.

    Our new CoE will focus on three discrete areas, all geared towards changing the world of work through shorter hours, smarter working, improved performance, and enjoying a greater quality of life.

    • Providing bespoke, specialized consulting services, supports, and expert advice for leaders and companies who want to help their organizations and people to work shorter and smarter
    • Developing high-tech digital tools, products and software to help organizations and individuals who want to work more efficiently in order to reduce their hours to make change and measure change
    • Investing in world-class future of work research and experimentation, with an emphasis on the impact and feasibility of work time reduction

    I believe that Curium’s industry-leading expertise in operational excellence, coupled with my experience designing and implementing shorter working week trials alongside hundreds of companies all over the world, can underpin the kind of infrastructure necessary to take the shorter work week movement to the next level.

    Curium’s people-first approach aligns with my values, and is evident both in their client work and their organizational culture. They have also clearly demonstrated their ambition to be pioneers rather than passengers in how they promote the concept of the shorter working week to their customers.

    Our new CoE will be global in nature, headquartered in Canada. Since moving to Toronto, I’ve got a strong sense of a city that is filled with opportunity – business-friendly, forward-thinking, progressive, and at the cutting edge of technology. This partnership will enable us to tap into this potential for Canada to become a global hub for flexible working, as well as Curium’s existing strong reputation and reach in the UK, US and beyond.

    Many businesses are inspired by the principles and practices behind the growing global #4DayWeek movement, but don’t yet feel ready to take the leap due to operational challenges, organizational complexity, or internal politics and bureaucracy.

    We want to partner with these companies to help them overcome these issues, and provide support tailored to their specific needs in order to enable them to begin the process of reducing work time.

    We will be sharing more information later this month when the CoE is formally launched, so keep your eyes peeled!

    In the meantime, if you feel we can support you, if you’re interested in getting involved with what we are building, or you’d just like to learn more, I’d love to hear from you. Please reach out by direct message and let’s start the conversation!