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3 companies, 3 paths

Which one will you take? 🛣

Company A 💡

  • Embraces the potential for AI to radically improve their processes, streamline their operations and automate administrative tasks
  • Wants to be an early adapter of new technologies, but sees the opportunity to share the benefit of this with employees through reduced working time
  • Implements a shorter working week, boosting engagement to drive the integration of new tools to their day-to-day processes and leading to a more efficient organization
  • Steals a march on their competitors when it comes to attracting talent and retaining their best people, due to the attractiveness of their new #WorkTimeReduction offering

Company B 🤑

  • Sees similar opportunity in AI and wants to get out of the blocks quickly
  • Struggles to get employees to engage with the process of integrating new AI tools in their daily work
  • Makes some progress and delivers some efficiencies, but not to the same extent as Company A due to lower engagement levels
  • Utilizes all of these efficiencies to realize cost savings and lay off some of their staff, further damaging morale
  • This causes some key people to leave, and any cost savings are swallowed up by the cost of replacing and retraining

Company C 📝

  • Passively follows new developments in AI, but ‘too busy’ to change systems and processes at this time
  • Falls behind their competitors, who are delivering leaner, more efficient services with happier, healthier employees
  • Struggles to catch up due to internal resistance to change, and talent flight to cutting-edge market leaders like Company A

Which path will your organization take? 🤔

If you want to be like Company A, combining operational excellence with the most attractive and effective employee proposition out there, get in touch with us at Work Time Reduction to start the conversation and your journey to a shorter working week. ✅️