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Becoming an employer of choice for top talent

There’s a surefire way to make yourself an employer of choice for top talent.

According to this latest study from Robert Walters, the #4DayWeek is the single most attractive perk for employees, with 44% selecting it as the most enticing incentive (ahead of 38% choosing the ability to work from anywhere).

Post pandemic, employees value time over any other benefit. Only 16% of the 2,000 workers sampled in this survey would opt for a pay rise instead of a four-day week.

Work from home and flexible working arrangements are increasingly common.

Pay rises that keep pace with inflation and the cost of living are often a standard expectation.

But the shorter working week, while steadily growing in popularity, remains niche enough in most industries to offer a substantial differentiator and competitive edge.

If you’re a dynamic CEO or people professional that sees this as an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and want to learn more about how it works in practice, I’d love to hear from you and have the opportunity to share how Work Time Reduction can support you on this ambitious journey.