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Too much communicating, not enough focus

People spend 57% of their daily work time just communicating in meetings, email, and chat. 😮

That’s according to this new study from Microsoft on AI and the workplace. 🔎

And that’s not all.

🔴 68% of people surveyed say they don’t have enough uninterrupted focus time.

🔴 64% say they struggle to have the time and energy to do the job.

This phenomenon is an epidemic in modern organizations. 🤒

#WorkTimeReduction can be a CATALYST to make your organization more efficient by creating a forced constraint around time.

It can also be a powerful INCENTIVE which motivates and engages people in the process of finding efficiencies.

Counter intuitively, while people have less time to get their work done, they have more space and energy to focus on what really matters.

#ItsAboutTime we rewarded people for finding better ways to get their work done, not for the performance of ‘hard work’ and long hours.