Our Mission

We help the world work smarter and shorter​

We partner with organizations to support their transformation to working shorter and​ smarter. This includes:​

  • Shorter working week trial design and implementation​
  • Shorter work week sustainability and continuous improvement programs to maintain​ and build on initial success​
  • Longer-term incremental transformation plans to achieve a gradual reduction in hours​
  • Diagnostic tools and analysis to assess readiness for work time reduction​
  • Business case preparation to achieve internal understanding, buy-in and support​
  • Redesigning work schedules, practices and processes to lay the bedrock for change​
  • Targeted experiments and randomized control trials to learn, inform, adapt and iterate​


Designing bespoke, specialized consulting services and​ supports, and providing expert advice for leaders and companies who want to help their​ organizations and people to work shorter and smarter​.​


Developing high-tech digital tools, products and software to help​ organizations and individuals who want to work more efficiently in order to reduce their​ hours to make change and measure change​.


Investing in world-class
future of work research and experimentation, with​ an emphasis on the impact and feasibility of work time reduction​.