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  • Women 4 Work Time Reduction


    Empowering women through work time reduction to redefine the rules, break down barriers, and pave the way for a more balanced, equitable, and inclusive world. Our mission is to champion reduced work hours, flexible schedules, and work-life harmony. We’re committed to ensuring that women can excel in their careers while maintaining personal well-being and family life, rewriting the norms and securing their rightful place in every sphere.


    Our activities aim to empower women to make informed choices about work time reduction and to advocate for policies and cultural changes that support their career aspirations while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

    • Research and Data Collection: Conducting studies and research to gather data on the impact of work time reduction on women’s careers and family life, providing evidence to support the cause.
    • Mentorship and Coaching: Offering mentorship and coaching to help women achieve more balanced working lives while advancing their careers.
    • Collaboration with Employers: Working with employers to implement policies that support work time reduction, such as flexible work arrangements.
    • Support and Resources: Providing resources and support for women seeking work time reduction, including advice on negotiations with employers.
    • Networking and Alliances: Building alliances with other organizations, both women-focused and general labor organizations, to collaborate on common goals.
    • Community Building: Creating a community where women can connect, share experiences, and support each other to achieve work time reduction. 
    • Public Speaking and Advocacy: Speaking at conferences, events, and in the media to raise awareness and advocate for work time reduction as a means to achieve gender equity. 

    Contact hello@worktimereduction to join our community.

  • Becoming an employer of choice for top talent

    There’s a surefire way to make yourself an employer of choice for top talent.

    According to this latest study from Robert Walters, the #4DayWeek is the single most attractive perk for employees, with 44% selecting it as the most enticing incentive (ahead of 38% choosing the ability to work from anywhere).

    Post pandemic, employees value time over any other benefit. Only 16% of the 2,000 workers sampled in this survey would opt for a pay rise instead of a four-day week.

    Work from home and flexible working arrangements are increasingly common.

    Pay rises that keep pace with inflation and the cost of living are often a standard expectation.

    But the shorter working week, while steadily growing in popularity, remains niche enough in most industries to offer a substantial differentiator and competitive edge.

    If you’re a dynamic CEO or people professional that sees this as an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and want to learn more about how it works in practice, I’d love to hear from you and have the opportunity to share how the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence can support you on this ambitious journey.

  • Systems and collectivism

    Post-pandemic, we are still figuring out how we design our workplaces and workweeks to optimize organizational performance and employee happiness.

    In my opinion, the most successful work models of the future will offer both flexibility and structure.

    The founding father of the continuous quality improvement philosophy, W. Edwards Deming, wrote that 94% of issues in today’s workplaces are systemic, with only 6% attributable to individuals.

    Those organizations that focus solely on discretionary benefits at an individual level, will likely engender an individualized behavioral response which focuses on the 6%.

    That’s why, when we at Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence work with organizations to help them adopt reduced-hour work models, we focus on the collective.

    Offering a benefit that is equitable and universal, and using this as a collective incentive to drive structural, systemic change in how your teams and processes function, is the golden ticket to a more productive, efficient workforce.