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  • Partnering with Banks Benitez

    Our latest partnership at the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence is a particularly exciting one.

    I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with Banks Benitez over the past couple of years, and I can say without hesitation that he is one of the most inspirational leaders and insightful thinkers on the #FutureOfWork that I’ve worked alongside.

    He is one of the true pioneers of the shorter working week in the United States. In addition to his direct executive experience of leading his company Uncharted to implement a #4DayWeek in 2020, he was also instrumental in the world’s first amalgamation of two four-day week organizations when Uncharted became part of Common Future.

    That’s why we’ve joined forces with Smart Workweek to grow the shorter working week movement together.

    What does this mean for the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence clients and community?

    It means we can now offer direct, exclusive access to the Smart Workweek platform, a leading online course for teams with step-by-step guidelines and resources on how to pilot a four-day week.

    This provides small companies with the end-to-end support necessary to successfully transition to a four-day week, as well as an evergreen resource for large organizations for ongoing reference and retraining in smart working.

    This will capably supplement the bespoke, in-depth, industry-specific consultancy services that we offer at the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence, as well as the market-leading operational excellence capacity and #ChangeManagement expertise of Curium Solutions / Curium Solutions US.

    And this isn’t just about combining our past creations and present offerings. We are committed to collaborating together to build groundbreaking new services, and to jointly develop technology solutions, that will help to scale the global shorter working week movement and shape the future world of work.

    By combining our shared knowledge of supporting hundreds of companies to transition to reduced-hour schedules, as well as the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence consultancy services and Smart Workweek‘s online course, together we are building a suite of resources and collective expertise to help companies big and small transition to a shorter working week.

  • Shorter working weeks – an alternative or an add-on to hybrid/remote?

    In 2021 and 2022, the majority of companies who adopted #4DayWeeks did so to complement their hybrid or remote-first models.

    Many had moved to hybrid or fully remote during the pandemic and the shorter working week felt like a logical next step.

    Many more had offered this pre-pandemic, and were now turning to the four-day week to give them an edge, as what was once a competitive advantage for them (work from home flexibility) had now been swallowed up and become the standard expectation in their industry.

    An interesting development that is emerging this year is a notable increase in employers who are prepared to consider the shorter working week as an alternative to hybrid/remote working.

    This is illustrated in these new findings from Hays 👇

    “Office workers would be prepared to give up their work from home routine in exchange for a four-day week, according to new research.

    It found that close to two-thirds (63%) of workers would prefer to work a four-day week, spending all their time in the office, compared to just (37%) who would prefer to work five hybrid days.”

    While we believe that the focus of leaders should be very much on work output rather than work location, this does demonstrate the value that a majority of modern employees place on time – over and above almost every other benefit.

    More and more businesses are exploring different work time reduction models, often for very different reasons.

    If this includes you, reach out to us at the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence. We know that reduced-hour models are not one size fits all, which is why we work with organizations to design a custom roadmap based on their specific needs, challenges and context.

  • Shorter working weeks for gender equity

    Hands up if you’re a working mom that reduced your work time for less pay but with the same responsibilities!

    If we want to close the gender pay gap, we have to start looking at ways to even the playing field.

    The #4DayWeek offers a real chance to move the needle on gender equality at work and at home.

    We know that women are much more likely to opt for reduced-hour or part-time roles – moving to a shorter working week in a structured, systemic way across the organization can take a giant step towards closing the #genderpaygap and achieving true #genderequality.

    It’s not only working parents that struggle to juggle caring responsibilities and work commitments. More and more people these days are caring for elderly parents or relatives, with many families having more complex care needs.

    We at the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence can help you start the conversation with your boss or board.