Leading organizational expert and University of Toronto professor partners with Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence

The Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence today announced a new partnership with Dr. John Trougakos, Professor of Management at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Trougakos will partner with the Work Time Reduction CoE, which is based in Toronto, as an Associate Consultant. His work will include the design and implementation of major work time reduction projects in large organizations, and research on the feasibility and impact of shorter working weeks within Canadian industries.

John Trougakos, Professor of Management at the University of Toronto, said:

“The world is shifting and we are in the process of finding new and better ways to work. Now more than ever employees need work environments that can facilitate not only their productivity, but also their well-being. Organizations must learn to adapt or risk losing out on top talent and falling behind the competition.

The Work Time Reduction Centre of Excellence is focused on helping organizations find and refine these better ways of working. I’m excited to collaborate with the WTRCoE to study and develop the insights and tools needed to create the workplaces of the future.”

Joe O’Connor, Director and Co-founder of the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence, said:

“We are thrilled that Dr. Trougakos is coming on board to support our mission to help the world work smarter and shorter, which we believe can deliver improved performance for organizations and better quality of life for people.

As one of Canada’s leading experts in organizational behaviour, productivity and the future of work, as well as a long-standing commentator on the potential for shorter working weeks to transform organizations and lives, there are few people better placed to support organizational change and research projects in this field.”